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Dr Mahesh Srivastava Cancer Specialist Oncologist Aligarh

Dr. Mahesh Srivastava

He is a very caring and the best oncologist in Aligarh and Uttar Pradesh. For any problems related to cancer, Consult him.

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Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava

The Best Laser Specialist for Cancer Patients in Aligarh and Uttar Pradesh.

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Best Oncologists of Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Mahesh Srivastava and Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava are the best Oncologists of Aligarh, Etah, Hathras, Bulandshahr, Kasganj, Mathura, and Badaun.

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Beyond The Cure of Cancer

Dr. Srivastava believes in extending support to cancer patients beyond medical boundaries. A celebration festival exemplifying the cancer survivors of the world, their story, their journey and their demonstration of flawless endurance. I Am A Survivor! will uncover stories of several extraordinary cancer survivors who live their lives with the same intensity as others. Honour what they stand for and offer their tale as an example for those walking the same path. I Am A Survivor! is celebrated every year during the World Cancer Survivors' Day with a carnival, counselling sessions and an emotive movie screening.

Best Cancer Doctor in Aligarh
I am a Survivor

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Get a regular consultant at least once a year. And, do not ignore even the slightest symptoms.